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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Still time to join us!

Hello all,

It is nearing the end of the great offer to Join Creative Memories as an Advisor- 2 more days - to get all the bonus goodies.  You have until Monday night to join to be eligible for the bonus gifts.  Once you join you get to see all the great new products before anyone else.  There are some great items coming in the next couple of months, so check out the flyer and join today.  But it's Saturday you say, no matter, you can still join and put an order in, it is all online.  Also, you don't have to worry about meeting minimum purchases each month - all you pay is the fee of $59 - not bad even if you are only joining for your own use.  So what are you waiting for?

That's it for now, back later with some more.  Cheers.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Do you love getting free gifts?

Hi there,

Whatever and however you want to arrange your memories, and you don't need just photos, you have all sorts of memories whether they are pictures in your mind or actual physical photos, you can add them all to your special albums.  How do you add the pictures in your mind to the albums, well that's a topic I'll talk about some other time. But when you check out the different albums you will soon understand what I mean.

And what better way, than a free gift to help you on your way to organising all your lovely memories and bring them to light.   So, I'm sure you would love a mystery pack worth $75.50 wouldn't you?  Well, you have a few more days to put your order in.  Check out the flyer below and order now.

While you're there why not consider joining, and get more freebies when you place your August order - See the flyer below. The freedom of being your own boss and working what hours you want and having fun at the same time are definitely attractive.

Also, knowing that you are helping others to get their photos and memories organised, because while you are organising yours, you are showing others how they can organise theirs.  With special albums for different themes, children's lives presented in lovely albums arranged by colours for a range of years perhaps.  The pre-designed albums and pocket pages, as well as the, what I call "free range" albums, give you a wonderful array of ways to present your memories.  Whether you want to show them off or just for your family and friends to enjoy, there a many ways to protect your memories.  So while you're placing your order consider becoming an Advisor and get a discount on your very first order.  Now that sounds great doesn't it?  Love to see you.  

Well, that's enough for now.  I'll be back later.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New CCS and punch, and more.

Hello there,

Remember I mentioned that some of my projects used some older CM Custom Cutting Systems? Well,  we now have a newer version and you can order your own sets here and make your own great layouts.  Take a look at the new product fliers below or have a look at our new July catalogue.

I have attached a link to a video showing the lovely projects you can make using the new Gemstones Custom Cutting system.  Also a link to the video on the new Mix & Match bundle of patterned papers and their matching embellishments.

What could you do with - 60 sheets of double-sided 12x12 scrapbook paper, including the Mix & Match Paper Packs: Cranberry, Evergreen, Eggplant, Royal Blue and Neutral plus all the matching embellishment packs?  Check them out at the website under Themes: All Occasions - Mix & Match, and get scrapbooking.  You know you want to and now you have a bundle of papers, a great custom cutting system, just waiting for you to get started.

I think I've given you enough to do for today, so until next time.  Cheers, Lola.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Up coming new items!

Hi there,
This is just a quick post to let you know to “watch this space” because there are some great new items coming in July, but in the meantime check out some of the other goodies.  Remember how I said they might bring some new CCS items, well stay tuned for my Tuesday post.
I may have already shown you this flier but because the offer runs out on 4 July 2017, I thought I’d run it by you again, and this is where you can order.  So until Tuesday.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Final instalment on Custom Cutting System

Hi there,
This is the last instalment I have for you on the Custom Cutting System.  I’m sure Creative Memories will bring something similar to these at some stage, these are older ones I had when I first started with Creative Memories some years ago.
Anyway, here are the examples that I found, I had made them some time ago, when I had to make a card that was not square, circle or rectangle.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Custom Cutting System

Hello again,
Here I have a copy of my personal blog explaining the Custom Cutting System, which most of us who use it call "CCS" for short.  I used a copy because I didn't want to have to fight getting the photos in the right places again.
The reason I was discussing CCS is because it is a very versatile system to cut different shapes without have to lug heavy machines if you are travelling.  I know from experience when I have taken my Ezy Press (or whatever machine you have), you need to take the dies, the mats as well as the machine itself - gets kind of heavy and too much luggage after a while.
So the CCS is more compact, and you can pack in your suitcase!  On my personal blog I had given some examples of how I used the CCS when I first started scrapbooking and in fact this was the next instalment of the posts.  If you'd like to see my other posts you can do so here.
I have some more examples of using the Custom Cutting System, and no it is not a machine as someone thought.  That is the beauty of this system you don’t need a machine to use it – well unless you call your hands a machine :).
The way the CCS works – it has a groove into which you place the cutting tool – if you look closely you can see the two little buttons, they go into the groove and the yellow you can see is the blade shaped like a ‘V’ which allows you to cut either direction..
 To get the most out of the CCS you need to have all three blades: blue, red and green.  The three blades give you the different sizes.  You can cut on the outside of the guides as well as the inside, which means you can get 6 different sizes of whichever style you want – circles, ovals, rectangles or squares, oh and there is also a hexagon one.  If you watch the video here  you can see how it works, there are a couple of other videos which also show the border maker.  Once you’ve watched the video you’ll want to get your own, which you can do here. 

This one shows the CM Cutting mat, the hexagon CCS and the three blades.  You can see the grooves into which the 2 “buttons” fit and guide your cutting blade around the shape.  Also, a handy point with each of the shapes they have little “feet” doesn’t lift them off the paper, they just help the shape guide to stay in place so it doesn’t move while you cut.  The video is a helpful tool to show you exactly how to use these wonderful, portable cutting tools.
Now for photos of the examples I promised.

The next two show the different shapes available and also the wavy ones which come as a paper trimmer.
Enjoy the photos and videos.  Thank you for reading.   Cheers for now.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

More on new items...

Hi there,

We have some more new items for you, check them out on my website and get your orders in quickly before they're gone.


For those of you who like to do your scrapbooking digitally here are some digital new items I missed earlier.
Sorry, very bland today but check it all out and get your orders in.  I hope to have something more interesting for you next time.  Enjoy, have fun choosing and getting your scrapbooking organised.   Thanks for reading.  Until next time.