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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Heaps to catch up on.

Hi folks,
I haven't been on the computer very much lately, trying to get other parts of my life sorted, so I hope you'll bear with me.
One thing I’m sure of, when you make a statement that you will do something each week, day or month even, something else always comes up.  On my blog I made the statement that I would post a card each week, well, that didn’t quite happen.  So, I will do my best to catch up and even try to write posts during my breaks while I'm studying.  Yes, I going back to study in July, so I hope to catch up before then.  However,  I won’t promise which day, because that would only jinx it again. 
National or International Scrapooking day/weekend was enjoyable, hard work but worth the effort.  It was a pity that some customers were unable to attend, because they missed out on a very productive and enjoyable day.  I am posting NSD workshop results here and will post a couple of cards later.
The aim was to have four 2-page layouts completed, preferably with photos but in our case we had the layouts complete one day and attached photos the next, that is, photos that we could lay our hands on and "chop" to size as necessary.  Because of the mat sizes on the layouts, we have to try and find appropriate photos that can be trimmed to fit, that is why some of the spots are empty.  
For those new to scrapbooking, having templates such as we made, would be the way to go, however, the drawback is the one we faced, of not having photos to fit or trimmable to make fit, but hey, you have start somewhere.  Once you get the idea of putting things together you can use your own designs to "scrap" or "dress up" your photos to make them even more fun to go through.
We have several albums of "scrapped" photos, mostly made by me until earlier this year when my partner started. We had fun making the "Mi Amor" layout in January/February.  I had only started with Creative Memories and didn't have too much in the way of CM products but we did the best we could.
So for someone who only started scrapbooking and card making this year I am proud of what my partner who has achieved in just a matter of months, what took me years to achieve.
Anyway here are some photos from our NSD workshop, I also made a Digital version for display at the workshop, which I will post tomorrow.
Thank you for looking and reading. Enjoy! Till tomorrow then.
Oh, apologies for the photos being out of alignment, I'm still can't get it to obey me, lol.  



Monday, 6 March 2017

New products and National Scrapbook Day

Hi there,

My goodness how time flies.  I took a photo of the new "toys" or rather tools when they arrived and was ready to upload here to 'brag' but was interrupted, so didn't get the photos uploaded and posted here and now it's two weeks since all our goodies arrived.  We've had fun with them too.

Photos of the Border Maker and the Personal Trimmer with the cutters:

That's it for our fun.

Now for the fun part for you, all the new products available this month, March, to make your projects look great, get them into your albums with the lovely papers, embellishments and albums available.

If you like digital, it seems you can now access those as well.  So, don't put off getting your scrapbooking done and your photos sorted.  If you need a helping hand, contact me and we'll see if we can get you started. Here is a taste of the new products for March and also included is the PDF of the other items available soon.

The PDF can be found here: 

I hope you have fun looking through the lovely new papers etc. and check out the website for all the fun things to help you complete your scrapbooking pages.

Next time I hope to have some more photos of pages or cards made.  Until then, cheerio.  Lola.

Friday, 27 January 2017

8 x 8 albums and Mi Amor papers

While you're on the website you can also check out the new 8 x 8 coversets, if you don't like making the 12 x 12 scrap pages you might like the 8x8, or you might like one of our predesigned albums and pages so all you need to add are your photos and embellishments. That would save heaps of time and get your photos organised quickly.

Go on you know you want to sort those photos, so go ahead get on to the website, if you're not already there (  and check out all the new things as well as the staples and get sorting those photos.

13x9 Black Pocket Album Cranberry 2x3 Pocket Album with Pages
Here is the PDF version of the 'What's New in January" flyer so you can see it all in one place, handy if you want a quick reference

Have fun looking through and go shopping!  Cheers for now and thanks for looking.  Lola.

Australia Day special from CM

Do you want a great album cover to hold all your Australian holiday pics? Go to my link - - and order now before the offer is gone.  The colour of the ocean - appropriate for Australia - but don't forget to order pages as well, you can get the usual large pocker pages, or the multipocket pages.  You choose which you think you need and have it all delivered to your door.

While there you can check all the other new goodies available.  So much to choose from and have fun with.

If you need help, contact me and I will assist any way I can.  For now, check out all the goodies.  Until next time.

12x12 Deep Sea True Blue Album Cover

Saturday, 14 January 2017

My early CM projects

Hello and Welcome,

I have made some changes to the look of my blog, so for those who have been here before, and even if you haven't, let me know what you think.  This is a work in progress for me.

If you'd like to order anything, go to my website link and you can order online, and have it delivered direct to you.

With the amount of photos I have, and I'm sure you have too, there are several ways you can preserve those memories, so go have a look at the catalogue on my link and see what you would like to try and get back to me if you need assistance.

To show you how I started, I have attached some photos of my early introduction to scrapbooking using the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System in the early 2000's.  In fact, you could say Creative Memories got me hooked on scrapbooking because many years later here I am still scrapbooking but I have added card making to my repertoire.

Prior to my introduction to CM in the early 2000's if someone asked me about scrapbooking my response was always "not me"!  I thought it was a great idea but never thought of myself as actually doing it.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and I hope they give you inspiration.  Thanks for dropping in.



Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Creative Memories - back in Australia

Hi folks, I'm sure you've all heard of Creative Memories (CM) - scrapbooking with all the great cutting implements, papers, albums etc.  They had some problems for a while but Caleb Hayhoe took the 'bull by the horns' because he saw the positive effect scrapbooking had on people and turned it around, sorted the problems and now going from strength to strength, CM is back in Australia and many other countries.  Gradually increasing its product range and slowly introducing more countries.  That's the gist of history.
I signed up as a CM Independent Advisor because I love the products and also because I happened to be asked about one of the items and where they could purchase, I said the company they were familiar with - not CM - didn't sell that item but that I would find out where I could obtain one.  After a bit of searching on the internet without any luck, I thought I would simply enter Creative Memories in the search box and bingo - Creative Memories are back in Australia and even better, yes, they still had the item my customer was wanting.  I signed up there and then and ordered the item online!
So, there you have it, how I came to Creative Memories. If you're in the same position, had previous experience and bought CM products but can't find any more, please check out my link  where you can go through the catalogue and order online if you wish, and get the items you've been looking for.  The range may not be as big yet as before but there are some new items they didn't have before.  Until next time.